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AF selects 37 Airmen for Physician Assistant training

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force selected 37 Airmen to attend the Tri-Service (Phase I) Physician Assistant training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

The April 2008 Physician Assistant Board met at the Air Force Personnel Center here to consider 61 applicants. In addition to those selected to attend training, six alternates were selected.

Those Airmen attending training in December are:
Master Sgt. Daniela F. Feldhausen
Master Sgt. Frederick D. Hutchison
Tech. Sgt. Candra R. Case
Tech. Sgt. Jason M. Sims
Tech. Sgt. Joseph J. Jones
Staff Sgt. James M. Campbell
Staff Sgt. William C. Roasa
Staff Sgt. Marion V. Sanders
Senior Airman Jeffrey D. Marcotte
Senior Airman Roscoe S. Mayes
Senior Airman Nathalie L. Wilson
Airman 1st Class Rise E. Yarber

Those Airmen attending training in April 2009 are:
Tech. Sgt. William H. Diamond Jr.
Tech. Sgt. Robert D. Johnston
Staff Sgt. Cody L. Baker
Staff Sgt. Jeremy J. Barnett
Staff Sgt. Gael H. Gauthier
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth R. Guinn
Staff Sgt. Emmanuel Huezo
Staff Sgt. Rachael M. Olmstead
Staff Sgt. Sara R. Sanborn
Staff Sgt. Matthew G. Vizer
Airman 1st Class Robert S. Hereford
Airman 1st Class Melissa M. Wendt

Those attending in August 2009 are:
Tech. Sgt. Carl E. Bemis
Staff Sgt. Nathaniel M. Beaty
Staff Sgt. Kimberly Bertrand
Tech. Sgt Melanie M. Johnson
Tech. Sgt. Stacy N. Knutson
Tech. Sgt. Gregory S. Youtz
Staff Sgt. Curtis J. Howell
Staff Sgt. Jennifer E. Nevitt
Staff Sgt. Brandy E. Sande
Staff Sgt. Eric A. Stricklin
Senior Airman Alexander Kryvenia
Airman 1st Class Stedven L.K. Feliciano

The average selectee was 29 years, 11 months old with 8.1 years time in service, a Scholastic Aptitude Test composite score of 1,742 and a 3.30 grade point average.

Airmen who successfully complete Phase I and II course requirements for the physician assistant program will be commissioned as first lieutenants.

More information can be found by calling the Air Force Contact Center at 1-800-616-3775.