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Air Force announces captain selections

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force selected 3,569 first lieutenants for promotion from 3,594 officers considered during the calendar year 2007C captain selection process.

The entire list of promotion selects is posted on the Air Force Personnel Center's public Web site.

The results of the board are as follows:

Selection statistics in-the-promotion zone:
Line - 3,447 selected from 3,457 for a 99.7-percent select rate;
Chaplain - 2 selected from 2 considered for a 100-percent select rate;
LAF-Judge Advocate - 15 selected from 15 considered for a 100-percent select rate;
Nurse Corps - 67 selected from 68 considered for a 98.5-percent select rate;
Medical Service Corps - 7 selected from 7 considered for a 100-percent select rate; and
Biomedical Sciences Corps - 26 selected from 27 considered for a 96.3-percent select rate.

Selection statistics above-the-promotion zone:
Line - 5 selected from 16 considered for a 31.3-percent select rate.