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vMPF adds officer voluntary separation process

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Self-service officer voluntary separation will be added to the Air Force Personnel Center's virtual Military Personnel Flight Web site Jan. 7.

Web-based processes and 24/7 customer service support are the core of AFPC's commitment to personnel transformation, referred to as Personnel Services Delivery, providing the personnel products Airmen need when and where they need them.

"AFPC is providing Airmen the ability to make career decisions through automation - this is part of AFPC's approach to be that customer focused service center," said Col. Bill Foote, director of personnel services.

The online program provides officers eligibility requirements and program restrictions along with the capability to scan and attach supporting documents for their request to separate early. Enlisted Airmen have been able to complete their separation documents since Oct. 29.

For more information or to view a training tutorial on the separation program, consult AFPC's Personnel Services Delivery home page. Airmen may also call the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.