KAIP offers Airmen cash, assignment incentives

  • Published
Airmen selected for assignment to South Korea who apply for the Korea Assignment Incentive Pay Program can earn $300 a month and apply for advanced assignment consideration.

The incentive program authorizes the monthly payments to Airmen who sign a written agreement to serve the prescribed tour length in South Korea plus an additional 12 months. KAIP tours will be established as 24 months unaccompanied or 36 months accompanied, when authorized.

Airmen may apply for the KAIP:
-- prior to departing their current duty station;
-- upon arrival in Korea, but before their date eligible to return from overseas forecast window or initial vulnerable movers list date; or
-- upon arrival in Korea and during their DEROS forecast window or initial VML.

Most Airmen may apply for advanced assignment consideration 10-12 months prior to their DEROS or VML date. Colonels, chief master sergeants, lieutenant colonels and senior master sergeants selected for promotion and all judge advocates are ineligible to apply.

For more information on this program, call the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.