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Verification of personnel data critical to enlisted promotion release

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexx Pons
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs
The weeks leading up to a promotion release can be filled with anticipation for Airmen hoping to hear news that they have earned the next Air Force rank and the responsibility that goes with it.

Knowing how to verify eligibility information and what to do if a score notice is not received can help ease some of the anxiety involved in the enlisted promotion process.


According to Senior Master Sgt. Sheris Poisson, Enlisted Promotions Policy superintendent at the Air Force’s Personnel Center, the AFPC team conducts a 100 percent review of all select records, like the 14,181 individual records for the 2017 staff sergeant release, to confirm promotion selects before the AFPC commander approves the release date. She said the most common discrepancy they encounter during verification is documents that are not on file in selection records.


“This can be anything from a decoration not reflected or reflecting incorrectly in an Airman’s Personnel Records Display Application, or PRDA, to a Static Closeout Date Enlisted Performance Report updated in the Military Personnel Data System, but not filed in PRDA,” Poisson said.


PRDA is an electronic viewer with role-based access that allows commanders, supervisors, first sergeants and Airmen to view enlisted and officer records and essentially replaces the brown, six-part folder that served as a Unit Personnel Record Group. Airmen can access PRDA from the AFPC Secure dashboard.


“Airmen will not receive a score notice if a performance report is not updated correctly nor a matter of record in PRDA, among others reasons,” Poisson said.


She added that Airmen play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy of their promotion data and documents. They are responsible for completing a review of their records in advance of each Promotion Eligibility Cut-off Date using both PRDA and their Data Verification Record, before, during and after the promotion cycle, and when AFPC announces selections. The Data Verification Record, or DVR, is accessible from the virtual Military Personnel Flight.


“For Airmen, the Data Verification Record is the single most important tool used to ensure information in the personnel system is complete and accurate, while the records display application ensures the accuracy of all records that meet a central evaluation board,” Poisson said. “DVR instructions are emailed to each eligible Airmen prior to each cycle. Airmen can also review these instructions on myPers at any time.”


Poisson added that if Airmen find discrepancies on their DVR or did not receive a score notice, they should immediately contact their local Military Personnel Section Enlisted Promotions and Test Control office for assistance.


For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the myPers website. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.


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