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Air Force announces Arthur S. Flemming Award winners

  • Published
  • By Richard Salomon
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center
Air Force officials recently announced the three recipients of the 69th Annual Arthur S. Flemming Award.

The award, sponsored by George Washington University and the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission, honors outstanding federal employees who have made significant contributions to the federal government.

The award recipients are:

Leadership and/or Management Category

Maj. Michael Butler led a 63-member team from 15 organizations to repurpose $6 billion in civil, Department of Defense and intelligence community radar assets. This enabled the team to plan, develop and execute multiple radar experiments and field a first-of-its-kind imaging capability at no additional cost to the program.  Despite system engineering challenges and a tight budget, Butler applied this new imaging method to answer a combatant command intelligence requirement that resulted in closing two situational awareness capability gaps.  Butler briefed the program’s national security impact to the Joint Development Oversight Board about its successful integration across the intelligence community, DoD and other levels of the federal government.


Applied Science, Engineering Category

Dr. Jeremy Banik applied his fundamental understanding of high-strain composites to develop space deployable structures for the Air Force. Banik conducted a successful flight experiment of a solar array approach using a roll-out solar array concept on the International Space Station.  He used high-strain composites technologies with the roll-out solar array concept to produce a system with 40 percent less mass compared to current traditional arrays. In addition, the roll-out solar array is easily sealable and reduces overall part count and complexity by 60 percent.  With this new approach, the Air Force’s Global Positioning System constellation and its communications constellations have the potential to save $1.4 billion in total costs.


Legal Achievement Category

While leading three combat operations attorneys, Lt. Col. Matthew King helped ensure the legality of more than 4,900 air strikes against hostile adversaries. His legal acumen in reviewing 475 targets produced substantive changes to the timing and scan requirements of deliberate strikes, which helped avoid more than 500 civilian casualties. His knowledge of the laws of war and leadership of the U.S. joint legal team contributed to guidance that assisted air operations, including the legitimate assertion of self-defense in the downing of three hostile aircraft. Using his subject-matter expertise, King also supported national security objectives by ensuring compliance with the rules of engagement during increased tensions in the tri-border region (Syria, Iraq and Jordan) and other volatile areas.

The award winners will be honored by the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission June 4 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.


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