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Major LAF promotion board scheduled for December

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  • By Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs
The calendar year 2018D major Line of the Air Force promotion board is scheduled to begin Dec. 3, 2018, at the Air Force’s Personnel Center and will review records for all captains meeting the board to determine whether or not the captain is fully-qualified for promotion and meets the exemplary conduct provisions required for promotion.

“Promotion to major and advancement from a company-grade to a field-grade officer is a significant milestone, signifying the Air Force’s confidence in that officer’s potential to serve at a higher level,” said Lt Gen Grosso, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services. “A fully-qualified captain is one whose performance and potential are commensurate with the Air Force’s expectations for a field-grade officer in both performance and conduct.”

The fully-qualified process requires the completion of the Promotion Recommendation Form for captains who receive a “Do Not Promote” recommendation as a result of not meeting the level of performance necessary to serve as a field-grade officer, as well as those officers who receive a "Promote" recommendation and have derogatory information such as an Article 15, court-martial, referral report or letter of reprimand filed in their Officer Selection Record, or OSR.

Captains whose records will meet this board should review their Officer Preselection Brief, or OPB, provided to them by their servicing Military Personnel Section. Captains are also encouraged to review their OSR.

If there are inaccuracies with the OPB or the OSR, eligible captains should follow the instructions provided with their OPB and on this MyPers link:

For more information on record reviews, go to


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