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Air Force extends 20E6 promotion testing window for 18 AFSCs

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  • By Air Force's Personnel Center Public Affairs
  • Air Force's Personnel Center

Air Force officials announced today that the promotion testing window for approximately 6,000 Airmen in the 20E6 promotion cycle will be extended through April 30 as a result of a potential compromise of promotion testing material.

The Air Force’s Personnel Center made the decision to extend the testing window following discovery that 18 Specialty Knowledge Tests were unaccounted for. These tests were mailed to an installation test control office but, to date, have not been received within the expected delivery window.

The unaccounted for SKTs affect eligible Airmen in 18 Air Force Specialty Codes. The Air Force’s Personnel Center is notifying those Airmen directly, as well as their commanders, force support squadrons, and test control officers.

“As soon as we became aware of this situation our team of experts from here at AFPC, the AETC Studies and Analysis Squadron, and Headquarters Air Force assessed the scope of the problem and identified the Airmen affected,” said Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Toth, AFPC commander. “It’s important we maintain integrity of the enlisted promotion process while taking care of Airmen. That’s our commitment and that’s what we’re doing.”

The Airmen who will test in the extended window are those who hold one of the 18 affected AFSCs. All other Airmen eligible for promotion testing in the 20E6 cycle will test as originally scheduled, and Airmen who are SKT exempt in these 18 AFSCs are not affected and will need to test as scheduled.

Air Force officials do not anticipate impacts to the promotion release for any Airmen, including those in the 18 affected AFSCs.

The 18 affected AFSCs are:



Security Forces Craftsman (Includes A and B shreds)


Health Services Management Craftsman


Medical Materiel Craftsman


Bioenvironmental Engineering Craftsman


Mental Health Service Craftsman


Public Health Craftsman


Physical Medicine Craftsman


Aerospace and Operational Physiology Craftsman


Aerospace Medical Service Craftsman (Includes B and F shreds) **Includes 4N0X1, 4N0X1B & 4N0X1F


Aerospace Medical Service (Independent Duty Medical Technician) Craftsman


Pharmacy Craftsman


Diagnostic Imaging Craftsman


Medical Laboratory Craftsman


Dental Assistant Craftsman (Includes H shred)


Dental Laboratory Craftsman


Religious Affairs Craftsman


Contracting Craftsman


Special Investigations Craftsman


Eligible Airmen in one of those 18 AFSCs can expect to be contacted by their respective TCO and scheduled to test as soon as practical after the installation receives the new test material.

For additional information, Airmen are encouraged to contact their local TCO and chain of command.


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