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Space Force releases officer promotion selection board results

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Space Force selected 287 active-duty officers for promotion to colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major during the service’s first combined Line of the Space Force officer promotion board held in October 2021.
In total, the boards selected 30 lieutenant colonels for promotion to colonel, 48 majors for promotion to lieutenant colonel, and 209 captains for promotion to major.
The Line of the Space Force competitive categories are space operations (LSF-S), information warfare (LSF-I), and force modernization (LSF-F). Promotion boards to lieutenant colonel were not held for the information warfare and force modernization categories as the eligible officers in the promotion zone met an Air Force promotion board in March 2021 prior to their transfer to the Space Force.
Below are the selection rates for each rank by competitive category, and in the promotion zone or above the promotion zone.
O-4 major
LSF-F: 92.5% IPZ / 40% APZ
LSF-I: 94.1% IPZ / 0 APZ
LSF-S: 91.9% IPZ / 50% APZ
O-5 lieutenant colonel
LSF-S: 77.4% IPZ / 13.7% APZ
O-6 colonel
LSF-F: 66.7% IPZ / 0 APZ
LSF-I: 75% IPZ / 0 APZ
LSF-S: 56.7% IPZ / 0 APZ
To view the lists, navigate to the “Space Force Officer Worldwide Selection List” on the Officer Promotions page of the AFPC public website at
The lists are also available on the CAC-enabled internal Space Force portal at
Guardians seeking additional personnel matter updates can visit the CAC-enabled USSF page on MyPers at


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