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DAF Civilian Individual Development Plans (IDPs) mandatory per 5 Apr 23 memo

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The Department of the Air Force provided a guidance memorandum, dated 5 Apr 23, emphasizing the mandatory requirement for civilian Individual Development Plans (IDPs). IDPs are useful for goal development and career planning, as well as help employees successfully perform their jobs and meet expectations. Compliance with this requirement will enable continuous personal and organizational development in a rapidly changing global landscape, which is key to ensuring the DAF is adequately prepared to achieve mission objectives.

Completion of a civilian Individual Development Plan (IDP) is codified in DoDI 1400.25, Volume 410, DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Training, Education, and Professional Development and DAFMAN 36-142, Civilian Career Field Management and Centrally-Managed Programs (supersedes AF Manual 36-606). IDP guidance for DCIPS and CES employees should be IAW DAFI 36-1101, Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) and DAFI 36-141, Cyber Excepted Service (CES). Supervisors should coordinate with the Labor Relations Officer to ensure all bargaining obligations are completed prior to implementation of the mandatory requirement for bargaining unit employees. If a civilian employee does not currently have an IDP, supervisors should develop one immediately.

  • Per DAFMAN 36-142, para. 4.2.1., IDPs should be used for the following:
  • Record employee short-term and long-term professional goals.
  • Record employee annual training and development plan to assist in meeting the employee’s professional goals.
  • Align employee training and development efforts with organizational core values, mission, and vision.
  • Acquire an understanding of employee strengths and developmental needs.

It is highly encouraged that employees and supervisors use the automated MyVector IDP tool located within MyVector (DAFMAN 36-142, para. To register for a MyVector account, please click here MyVector Account Registration Steps. IDPs should be developed concurrently with the individual’s annual performance plan and reviewed during each feedback session (DAFMAN 36-142, para.

As supervisors and employees create and review IDPs, the DAF Civilian Career Enterprise Leaders Roadmap & Functional Experts/Leaders Roadmap serve as valuable resources for identifying training, experience, and career development opportunities. Individual development planning benefits the DAF by aligning employee training and development efforts with its core values, mission, and vision.

For additional resources, please reference the A1C IDP memorandum,  which includes the MyVector IDP How-to-Guide, Civilian IDP Fact Sheet, and Civilian Career Roadmaps. Please contact your supervisor for additional information.


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