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Nuclear, missile officer development team convenes in December

  • Published
  • By Debbie Gildea
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
The nuclear and missile operations fall development team will convene here Dec. 15 to provide developmental vectors for eligible nuclear and missile system officers, as well as select officers for several special programs, Air Force Personnel Center officials said today.

The DT will provide outplacement vectors to nuclear and missile officers graduating from squadron command, senior developmental education or intermediate developmental education in 2015; developmental vectors for 2005 year group officers and calendar year 2014A lieutenant colonel-selects; and developmental vectors for eligible officers who previously met a missileer crossflow panel and were retained in the field.

For officers eligible for vectoring, updated airman development plans must be submitted by supervisors or commanders to AFPC by Dec. 1.

The development team will also select officers for the Top Hand, Striker Trident, Air Force Global Strike Command Pathfinder Internship and 13N/21M/31P Exchange programs.

Top Hand Program
Top Hand is a professional development program for talented, highly-qualified, motivated officers with demonstrated leadership potential to serve in the highly visible ICBM operational test and evaluation program.  The program offers selected officers the opportunity to strengthen weapon system and nuclear design knowledge through hands-on operational test and evaluation experience and direct interaction with partners in the nuclear community, including the Department of Energy, national nuclear laboratories, industry contractors and the National Nuclear Security Administration. 

Striker Trident Program
The AFGSC Striker Trident program is an Air Force-Navy exchange officer development program providing assignment opportunities for nuclear and missile officers to serve with Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic - Task Force 144, in Virginia and Commander, Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet - Task Force 134, at Pearl Harbor. In support of professional development within the strategic enterprise, participants will be trained in the day-to-day management of the strategic submarine force. 

AFGSC Pathfinder Internship Program
The AFGSC Pathfinder Internship program is for talented, highly qualified and motivated officers who have demonstrated leadership potential to serve in the highly-visible AFGSC "Pathfinder" professional development internship program.  Participants experience accelerated service on the headquarters AFGSC staff.  Pathfinders are rated by the AFGSC vice commander and undergo three consecutive one-year assignments on the AFGSC staff in various directorates to gain a broad perspective of Global Strike operations and the functions of a major command staff. 

13N/21M/31P Exchange Program 
The Air Force Nuclear and Missile Operations (13N), Munitions and Missile Maintenance (21M) and Security Forces (31P) Exchange Program is an initiative to create and sustain a cadre of ICBM professionals with greater breadth in the nuclear enterprise by exchanging functional area expertise between the three career fields at the company grade officer level. Maintenance officers will enhance their ICBM knowledge and perspective by experiencing an operational assignment.  Security Forces officers will enhance their ICBM knowledge and perspective by experiencing an operational assignment or gain a better understanding of weapon system sustainment through a maintenance assignment.  Missile operators will gain a better understanding of sustaining or securing the weapon system, as well as have opportunities to interact with and lead security forces Airmen or maintainers. 

Eligible officers interested in the special programs can review eligibility criteria and application requirements on myPers at Select "Search All Components" from the drop down menu and enter "Nuclear and Missile Operations Fall Development Team" in the search window.

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