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AF releases latest force shaping board results

  • Published
  • By 010607
The Air Force released the results of the 2007 Line of the Air Force, Force Shaping Board with senior raters notifying eligible officers of their retention status on May 2.

The force shaping board which convened at the Air Force Personnel Center here March 12 selected 1,347 out of 1,626 officers in the 2004 accession year group and 2003 year group navigator, air battle manager, space and missile and developmental engineer officers for active duty retention.

Officers not selected for retention will separate from the Air Force no later than Sept. 29, however, they may apply for an earlier separation date.

Those officers not selected for retention may apply for the Palace Chase and Blue to Green programs. If selected for either program, the officer's separation from active duty will be voluntary. Therefore, the officer will not be entitled to involuntary separation benefits and entitlements.

To avoid a break in service, officers must apply for Palace Chase no later than July 1 with the requested separation date no later than Sept. 29. Officers must apply for Blue to Green no later than June. 1.

Officers not selected for retention received an informational packet that explains some of their entitlements (separation pay, appeal/Board for Correction of Military Records procedures, reenlistment entitlement, etc.) and how to request an earlier involuntary date of separation if desired. The package is not all inclusive, and questions for additional information should be referred to the applicable base agencies.

For more information about Force Shaping, call the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.