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  • Airman’s dream becomes reality through Career Intermission Program

    1Lt. Travis Barrino, a former enlisted chaplain’s assistant, used the Career Intermission Program to make his dream of becoming a chaplain a reality. The Career Intermission Program is designed to allow Airmen the flexibility to manage short-term conflicts between service responsibilities, family

  • Air Force expands Career Intermission Program opportunities

    The Air Force has changed the Career Intermission Program to expand participation opportunities for Airmen from one application window each year to three.  In addition, Airmen with humanitarian circumstances may submit out-of-cycle CIP applications as can dual-military married Airmen when a join

  • Air Force selects 35 for career intermission program

    Thirty-five officer and enlisted Airmen were selected to participate in the Air Force Career Intermission Program which offers Airmen between one and three years partially paid time out of uniform to focus on personal and professional pursuits. This year’s participants are derived from various

  • Career Intermission Program provides hiatus from AF active duty

    A year ago, Capt. Katie Evans, a personnel officer, had two choices:  leave active duty to pursue full-time parenthood and hope to return some day, or apply for the new Career Intermission Program which would allow her to leave the service for a few years with a guaranteed return to active duty. CIP

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