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Extension of Enlistment

Extension of Enlistment

All Airmen can extend their current enlistment a maximum of 48 months, and there are no exceptions or waivers to this. This means if an Airman has extended 24 months for retraining, they only have 24 months of extensions available on their current enlistment. In the event an Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) are constrained, Air Staff may limit First Term Airmen (FTA) extensions to a specific period. Otherwise, there is no limit to the number of valid extensions.


Airmen are eligible to extend their current enlistment, provided they meet a condition in AFI 36- 2606, Reenlistment and Extension of Enlistment in the United States Air Force, Table 6.2. Extensions are approved in whole months only, and are limited to the minimum time needed to meet the retainability requirement. Exception: Airmen serving in SRB skills, who hold a 3-level or higher in the SRB skill, may extend their enlistment in one increment for a minimum of 36 months, up to and including 48 months even though lesser retainability is required and receive an SRB, if eligible. This exception is limited to Airmen who extend under Table 6.2, Rules 12, 13, 14 and 29 Additionally, Airmen may not combine 2 or more extensions to qualify for a SRB.


Extensions are not approved for monetary advantage, to increase bonus entitlement, to provide additional time to make a career decision or deferring separation to coincide with civilian plans or to apply for a CJR or request retraining. Airmen in certain Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Codes are unable to extend while serving under that code. For example Airmen serving under RE Code 4H (Article 15, suspended punishment) are not authorized to extend for any reason; however, may request to extend to complete the Article 15 action only IAW AFI 36-2606, Table 6.2, Rule 21. Commander's/Civilian Directors may recommend disapproval of an Airman's extension request.

Extension Cancellations

Airmen may request cancellation of their extension(s), if the reason for the extension(s) has been cancelled, or no longer exist. Airmen must request the extension be cancelled within 30 days after receiving the notice the reason no longer exists. Military Personnel Sections (MPS) will deny all requests for extension cancellation after the 30 calendar day period has passed and will not forward to AFPC Reenlistments for considerations. Airmen may petition the AFBCMR for relief.


EXAMPLE: A1C Smith extended 24 months for a PCS assignment and the assignment was cancelled May 3; then A1C Smith must request the extension be cancelled by June 3.


Airmen who extend under AFI 36-2606, Table 6.2, Rules 23, 25, 28b, 28c 28d or 29 may not have their extension cancelled, unless specifically authorized by Air Force Instruction.

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