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Reenlistement Eligibility

Code Information

The Armed Forces use Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) codes to categorize individuals for enlistment or reenlistment in the Armed Forces. RE codes in the '1' series indicate a person is eligible for immediate reenlistment or prior service enlistment, provided otherwise eligible. Air Force RE codes in the '2', '3' and '4' series restrict the individual from immediate reenlistment or prior service enlistment. You must receive a review and/or waiver of these RE codes before you are eligible to enlist again.


There are many qualified prior service applicants who possess a '1' series RE code who will not be able to enter the Air Force due to needs of the Air Force. Air Force policy dictates that any veteran who possesses a '2' series RE code may not enlist in the Air Force again. There is one exception to this policy: If a former member received an RE '2I' issued from 1982 through the present and has since gained United States citizenship, the member may apply for reentry into the Air Force, provided he/she is otherwise qualified. If you have an Air Force RE code in the '3' or '4' series, you should contact a local recruiter for the branch of service you wish to enter. If you meet all other enlistment criteria, the recruiter may submit a waiver request for the RE '3' or '4' series through appropriate recruiting channels.


The Air Force will not directly consider a request to change the RE code in the Air Force Discharge Review Board (AFDRB) process. If you are seeking an upgrade of the characterization of service or a change in the reason for discharge from a previous enlistment, the AFDRB is the appropriate channel. There is one exception: If the AFDRB upgrades an applicant's discharge, the Board will also consider whether the RE code should be changed. If the applicant is considered a good candidate to return to the military, the RE code will be changed to "3K"--a waiverable code. Any request to directly consider a change to RE code not involving change to the characterization of service and/or narrative reason for separation must be made through the Air Force Board of Correction for Military Records (AFBCMR).


If you are seeking a waiver or change of the RE code for the purpose of entering another branch of service, you will need to contact the appropriate service recruiter. The prerogative to waive the individual's RE ineligibility based on post service performance and conduct rests with the Secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Each Secretary may allow an individual to enlist in the service under his/her jurisdiction. The Secretary of one branch of the Armed Forces has no authority to waive reenlistment/enlistment ineligibility for another service. Therefore, the Air Force will not consider any requests for waiver of RE ineligibility for another branch of service. If a former Army member wishes to enlist in the Air Force, he/she must process through Air Force channels for prior service enlistment. If the RE code renders the veteran ineligible, he/she must process any review or change action through Army channels.


If you believe the RE code is incorrect, you may submit an application to the AFBCMR. The AFBCMR will correct the RE code if there is substantial evidence of error or injustice at the time of separation. Correction of the RE code through the AFBCMR does not guarantee enlistment or reenlistment.


If you are seeking enlistment through a prior service program, you must contact the local Air Force recruiter for eligibility determination. All criteria must be met and the applicant's Air Force Specialty must be on the Prior Service Required Skills List. If the only ineligibility factor is the RE code, the recruiter will advise you if a waiver of the specific RE code is authorized. All non-waiverable RE codes are referred to the AFBCMR or appropriate service channels.

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