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The Department of the Air Force is dedicated to ensuring the needs of Airmen, Guardians, and their families are identified and addressed through all phases of a deployment. To assist Commanders in this effort, Airman & Family Readiness Centers (A&FRCs) are responsible for providing pre-deployment readiness briefings, deployment education and support to Airmen and their families at all phases of the deployment cycle.


The Airman and Family Division’s (AFPC/DPFF) mission to provide unequaled operational support to Airman & Family Readiness Centers, offering programs and services to Airmen, Guardians, retirees and their families.  The division provides oversight of deployment support operations offered by each installation’s A&FRC Readiness Non-Commissioned Officer (RNCO) and deployment support subject matter experts.


Each A&FRC provides support services to help military and civilian Airmen, Guardians, and their family members, meet the challenges associated with all phases of a deployment.  Deployment-related programs deliver information, support and assistance, which foster competencies and coping skills to help deal with mission demands and family responsibilities.  A&FRC services help reduce the stress of the military life-cycle, increase morale and unit cohesion, and support operational and family readiness.  Successes are measured by levels of retention and overall well-being for both the member and their family.


PRE-DEPLOYMENT: The pre-deployment phase begins upon assignment to a firm deployment tasking and ends when the Airman/Guardian departs home station.  The A&FRC’s responsibility during this phase is to provide a standardized pre-deployment briefing, which is mandatory for the deploying Airman and Guardians, and highly encouraged for family members.  A&FRC staff contact family members to inform them of resources and services available if they are unavailable to attend the briefing. 

DEPLOYMENT/SUSTAINMENT: The deployment and sustainment phase refers to the time that the member is away from home station. The member is deployed while the family is “sustained” during the member’s absence. A&FRC programs and services are available to family members to help reduce stress for the duration of the deployment.  Information is disseminated by the RNCO and other A&FRC staff individually or in groups via consultations, workshops, newsletters, email and telephone contact.

REINTEGRATION/REDEPLOYMENT: The reintegration/redeployment phase begins 30 days prior to redeployment back to home station and lasts up to 30 days upon return. Consultations are provided by A&FRC staff for families at home station and are typically provided in group settings; walk-in consultations are also available.  Reintegration education must be provided within 7 days of return and prior to personal recovery leave.

POST-DEPLOYMENT:  The post-deployment phase begins 30 days after return to home station and lasts until 180 days following deployment.  Services provided focus on reconnecting members with their families, units and communities and presenting information to enhance resilience in our Airmen, Guardians, and their families.

For information about deployment, please contact your local installation A&FRC.  They stand ready to assist. 


Please click here to be directed to the Air Force e-Publishing website. The following are deployment-related references you can search for:

  • Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-3009, Airman and Family Readiness Centers
  • AFI 10-403, Deployment Planning and Execution