To establish, implement and maintain the Exceptional Family Member Program-Family Support (community support) entity of the Air Force's Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) in coordination with the Medical & Assignments components by enhancing the quality of life of special needs family members.


EFMP is a Department of Defense program offered by all branches of the military.  It is a mandatory enrollment program for all active duty Airmen who have a special needs family member. 

The program is comprised of three components: EFMP-Medical (EFMP-M), EFMP-Assignments (EFMP-A) and EFMP-Family Support (EFMP-FS) that work toward a common goal of providing comprehensive and coordinated support to families.  EFMP-M supports the EFMP through screening, enrollment and assignment coordination through the Family Member Travel Screening.  EFMP-A considers the medical and educational needs of the family when it has been determined that the required services are not available at the Airman’s current or projected assignment location.  EFMP-FS is based on Section 563(c) NDAA FY2010 (Public Law 111-84).  Support is provided by the Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) EFMP-FS coordinators to all DoD ID cardholders assigned to the installation or located in the community. 


There are 99 EFMP-FS coordinators who provide full-time assistance to families at all major Air Force installations.  Some A&FRCs may have more than one coordinator.  EFMP-FS provides coordination of family support services on and off-base through family needs assessments to determine the needs and resources required for each family.  Below are some of the services offered:

  • Maintain in-depth information on local, state and federal resources for families
  • Develop Individualized Services Plans
  • Provide information, education and briefings to leadership and overall community in an effort to raise program awareness
  • Offer workshops, seminars and various support group and educational briefings for school personnel, base professionals and members/families
  • Market Air Force respite child care program where parents receive free child care to help reduce stress associated with caring for an EFM
  • Advocate for improved services for families 

Contact Us

DoD ID cardholders and their families may obtain assistance with EFMP-FS at their closest A&FRC.  To locate your nearest installation click here.

In the event a center is not located near the member, assistance is available through Military OneSource at the following:  

Phone: 800-342-9647, International: 800-342-9647 or 703-253-7599

URL: https://www.militaryonesource.mil/

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