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Accompanied Assignments

Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

Airmen selected for an assignment at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, are eligible to serve a 24-month accompanied-by-dependents tour by applying for Command Sponsorship upon notification of assignment, or within six months of arrival when initially electing to serve a 12-month unaccompanied tour.


The purpose of permanent party assignments at Al Udeid Air Base is to support and enhance regional operations, interests, and capabilities of the United States Air Force and Department of Defense by:

  • Enhancing mission execution and effectiveness through protracted Permanent Change of Station (PCS) tour lengths
  • Bolstering commitment to the host nation, deterring aggression, and enhancing regional stability
  • Improving service member and family stability

To achieve greater stability for families and continuity through longer tours, and solidify a positive relationship with the host nation, we have increased our command sponsorship positions at Al Udeid.



There are a limited number of command sponsored positions at Al Udeid, however, we encourage all Airman selected for an assignment to this location to apply. To be eligible, an Airman must be able to get the retainability for the 24 month accompanied tour and the dependents must be medically cleared. Additional information about the Al Udeid area and support facilities available can be found at the Families at AUAB website.


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Command Sponsorship Program Manager, CSP Manager, DSN: 318-437-7682 or Comm: 011-974-4458-9555 ext. 437-7682.

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