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Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program

Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program

This program is designed to offer Airmen the option to volunteer for certain Continental United States (CONUS) bases that have had a historically high turnover rate. The benefit for the volunteer is a stabilized tour of either four or five years depending on the location.


The eligible locations under this program are: Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico; Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota; Minot AFB, North Dakota; and Los Angeles AFB, California (including Fort Mac Arthur). Airmen selected for Grand Forks or Minot under this program will serve five years; those selected for Los Angeles or Cannon will serve four years.


Eligibility Criteria

This program is open to all Airmen including enlisted couples (a requirement must exist for you and your spouse). You must meet quality control standards and, if in the CONUS, have at least three years, five months on station to apply for Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program (VSBAP). If your request is approved, you will not be able to actually move until you have at least 48 months on station. Overseas Airmen apply during their Date Eligible to Return from Overseas (DEROS) forecast process (12 - 8 months prior to DEROS). You need at least 24 months retainability before departing your current base. If you already have an assignment or have some other assignment application pending, you are not eligible to apply for this program.


How to Apply for VSBAP

If you want to apply for a VSBAP assignment, you should either apply via the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) or contact your Military Personnel Section (MPS) for assistance. If applying via vMPF you will need to access the application via the self-service applications area and then choose assignments. After completing the VSBAP application online it will then automatically update the personnel data system and your request will be received by The Air Force's Personnel Center to review and approve or disapprove.


If applying via the MPS, they will provide you with the application information. After you have completed the required actions and returned your application to the MPS, your request will be updated in the personnel data system. Once it is received by AFPC, approval will depend on the projected manning levels at the requested location. Requests for consecutive in-place VSBAP tours are not authorized.

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