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  • New personnel accountability system helps leaders, families during crises

    When a natural disaster or large-scale crisis strikes, the Air Force wants to ensure the safety of all Airmen, and their family members. To account for its personnel, the Air Force will implement a new program April 1, the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System, to improve accountability management,
  • New records viewing system improves access to unit records

    Air Force Personnel Center officials will release the new Personnel Records Display Application--or PRDA--in early April. PRDA is an electronic viewer for the Automated Records Management System, facilitating search, retrieval and management of personnel records in ARMS through a role based access process. "PRDA greatly
  • AF golf courses honored by National Golf Foundation

    Eight Air Force golf courses were recently honored with Customer Loyalty Awards by the National Golf Foundation. These annual awards are based on results from a customer loyalty survey, administered by the foundation's data research team, of hundreds of civilian and military golf courses in various price ranges. Awards were
  • AF announces selections to colonel, lieutenant colonel and major

    The 2008D Chaplain, 2008C Line of the Air Force-Judge Advocate and 2008C LAF/LAF-J central selection boards selected four lieutenant colonels, 49 majors and 2,458 captains for promotion. The boards considered 35 lieutenant colonels, 211 majors and 2,915 captains for promotion. The results of the boards are as follows:
  • Air Force Climate Survey yields insights

    More than 90 percent of Airmen responding to a recent survey indicated that they are happy with their Air Force jobs and the performance of their organizations. These findings are according to a study that measures Airmen's attitudes toward their work environment and unit. "I am extremely pleased to see that our Total Force
  • Personnel desktop application expanded to group and wing commanders

    Beginning March 13, group and wing commanders will have access to vital personnel information right at their fingertips according to officials at the Air Force Personnel Center here. The Base Level Service Delivery Model commander's tool will provide personnel information, such as manning documents and family care rosters,
  • Officials announce senior master sergeant selections

    Air Force officials have selected 1,450 of 13,216 eligible master sergeants for promotion to senior master sergeant for a selection rate of 10.97 percent. Last year's selection rate was 8.77 percent. The average score for those selected was 661.49, which was based on the following point averages: 32.65 for time in grade,
  • Air Force looking for military training instructors

    Few other figures in the Air Force exemplify leadership more than the military training instructor and more are needed to help meet short- and long-term manning goals. Because of the demands of increasing end strength, the Air Force needs to bring in about 220 additional MTIs. The Air Force will recruit about 4,000
  • AF officials announce officer promotions to colonel, lieutenant colonel and major

    Air Force officials here have selected 84 lieutenant colonels, 164 majors, and 326 captains in the medical and dental corps for promotion Feb. 19. The entire list can be found on the Air Force Personnel Center's Web page. The boards considered 531 lieutenant colonels, 568 majors and 335 captains for promotion. The results
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