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MyBiz updates undergoing verification

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Civilian employees are now able update their career brief education and certification records online, and get those updates verified by the Air Force Personnel Center, AFPC officials announced today.

Verification is important to ensure personnel files are accurate, and employees will benefit as well, said Abigail Hayden, AFPC classification integration branch chief.

"Education, licensure, and certifications can be used for qualification determinations in reassignments, pre-reduction in force or RIF placement when required by the position, so it is to the employee's benefit to have these updates validated and the supporting documentation profiled in the electronic official personnel file," she explained.

According to Hayden, the self-service module will soon become the sole method of updating employee records.

"If employees aren't already doing so, they should get used to using this process to update their information," she said.

To update the information, she advises employees to go to the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System MyBiz application at https://compo.dcpds.cpms.osd.mil, and follow the prompts to log in. Once logged in to MyBiz, go to "update my information," and click on the appropriate tab (i.e., to update education select the education tab and select update).

When employees update their information, the update source column in MyBiz will show an "S" for self-certified which means the employee updates are unverified.

"The system will then send an automatically-generated e-mail to the employee to request legible copies of transcripts for education updates, or certificates for certification and license updates. Once we receive and verify the documents, we'll input the information in their official personnel file, and employees will see a "V" in the source column to indicate that the data has been verified," Hayden explained.

Since mid-October any employee who uses the self service application will receive a system generated e-mail request for transcripts and certificates.

"We can't verify the update without the supporting documentation," said Hayden, "so people who can't find their transcripts or certificates will need to contact their schools to get copies."

According to Hayden, the verification process should be complete within 30 days after receipt of the supporting documentation. To ensure the process continues smoothly, civilian employees should wait until they receive the e-mail request to send their documents.

"The e-mail will explain how to submit the information to us through AFPERS, so it will be best to wait for the e-mail after self-certifying" Hayden said. "Meanwhile, it wouldn't hurt to ensure your transcripts and certificates are easily accessible so that you're ready to go when you get your message request."

For more information about self-service updates, MyBiz and other personnel issues visit the Air Force Personnel Services website at https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil.

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