New online application added to voluntary assignments

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  • By Richard Salomon
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Air Force officials recently introduced a new Web-based application that allows Airmen to withdraw or cancel a voluntary assignment from their desks at their convenience.

Voluntary assignments are assignments that are self-initiated and that Airmen can apply for on their own. They differ from normal assignments because they apply only to those that Airmen volunteer for through the virtual Military Personnel Flight.

The Air Force's voluntary assignment applications and programs are:
-- Home-basing and Follow-on Assignment Program
-- Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program
-- Humanitarian and the Exceptional Family Member Program
-- Continental U.S. assignment exchange
-- CONUS isolated assignment application
-- Dependents remaining overseas application
-- Designated location move application
-- Early return of dependents application
-- Expanded permissive PCS assignment application

To request a withdrawal, Airmen must have a voluntary assignment application pending approval. To request a cancellation, Airmen must have an approved assignment in one of the voluntary assignment programs available on the vMPF.

For example, if an Airman submits a Home-basing/Follow-on application through the vMPF and later decides to not participate in the program, that Airman can log onto the vMPF and select "Withdraw/Cancel Voluntary Assignment Application."

In the past, Airmen had to request withdrawals or cancellations of online applications by visiting their military personnel sections. This application, however, allows them to do it online.

"This new online module gives Airmen greater control," said Tech. Sgt. Yolanda Cole, NCO in charge of assignment programs and procedures at the Air Force Personnel Center here. "They can now perform these personnel actions on their schedule without having to wait in line at the local military personnel section."

These voluntary assignments are for active-duty enlisted Airmen and officers in the grades of lieutenant colonel and below. Colonels and colonel selects can withdraw or request to cancel a Humanitarian or an EFMP assignment.

For details, visit the Air Force Personnel Center's "Ask" Web site and enter "voluntary assignments" in the search function.

For more information, call the Total Force Service Center at (800) 525-0102.

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