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Enhancements improve on eval forms introduced last August

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force Personnel Center here recently introduced several new technological enhancements to four Air Force evaluation forms as part of its ongoing commitment to improve and refine its processes.

Enhancements were made to the following forms:
-- Air Force Form 910 Enlisted Performance Report (E1 to E-6)
-- Air Force Form 911 Enlisted Performance Report (E-7 to E-9)
-- Air Force Form 931 Performance Feedback Worksheet (E-1 to E-6)
-- Air Force Form 707 Officer Performance Report (0-1 to 0-6)

Some of the specific improvements included upgrading the forms' digital certificate preferences (each certificate option is now shown in clear text allowing evaluators to distinguish between certificates), standardizing font sizes for the various signature blocks, clarifying the text in some of the boxes, streamlining sign-in privileges, as well as other digital improvements in the software.

"These changes enhance the forms' overall appearance and make them more user-friendly for the Airmen and their rating officials," said Master Sgt. Jason Malec, superintendent of Air Force evaluations at AFPC. "We will continue to look for ways to leverage technology, so we can provide Airmen the tools they need. These recent enhancements will help build on the improvements made last summer."

On Aug. 1, 2007, Air Force officials began phasing in new, streamlined officer and enlisted evaluation forms. These changes were directed at reducing the workload associated with preparing the reports while providing an accurate portrayal of performance.

For more information on evaluation programs, see Military Personnel Flight Memorandums 07-44 and 07-45 found on the Personnel Services Delivery (Mil PSD) link on AFPC's "Ask" Web site.

The use of the revised forms, dated June 18, will start immediately. Reports currently in coordination do not need to be redone.

The new evaluation forms, as well as the older ones, are located at the Air Force e-Publishing Web site. For more information, call the 24/7 Air Force Contact Center at 800-616-3775.