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Air Force selects 35 for career intermission program

  • Published
  • By Kat Bailey
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

Thirty-five officer and enlisted Airmen were selected to participate in the Air Force Career Intermission Program which offers Airmen between one and three years partially paid time out of uniform to focus on personal and professional pursuits.


This year’s participants are derived from various backgrounds, cultures and experiences, representing a cross-section of America. Ranging in rank from senior airman to lieutenant colonel, they come from a variety of career fields including acquisition, logistics, medical, operations and support. The group, all active duty Airmen, includes 16 women (nine enlisted and seven officers) and 19 men (nine enlisted and 10 officers) who will take a break from active duty to temporarily focus on other life priorities.


Designed to allow select Airmen the flexibility to manage short-term conflicts between service responsibilities and life priorities, CIP provides an effective means to enhance retention of Airmen by preserving their valuable experience and training that might otherwise be lost by permanent separation.


“Airmen permanently separate from the Air Force for many reasons, some of which are short-term issues,” said military personnel specialist Adriana Bazan from the Air Force Personnel Center. “CIP offers the flexibility to attend to personal and professional needs without having to choose one over the other.”


The Total Force selection panel assessed all factors that bear on their potential to serve the Air Force in the future, including leadership, duty performance, professional development, depth and breadth of experience, and achievements. The 2016 participants will transition to the Individual Ready Reserve throughout 2017.


Open to active duty, Guard and Reserve Airmen who meet the eligibility requirements, a total of 59 Airmen have participated in the program since its inception in 2014. The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act repealed the limitation on the number of members that could be selected for CIP participation and the Air Force did not apply a selection quota for its CIP program this year.


Stay informed on the most current CIP information through myPers. Select “Any” from the dropdown menu and search “Intermission.”


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