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Air Force announces FY19 Aviation Bonus expansion for Air Battle Managers

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force announced details of the expanded fiscal year 2019 Aviation Bonus program, intended to increase the number of air battle managers April 22.

The fiscal 2019 Aviation Bonus program continues to support aircrew retention efforts across the Air Force by offering experienced aviators bonuses for signing tier-based contracts, ranging from three to 12 years of continued service.

Under the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress raised the annual maximum aviation bonus from $25,000 to $35,000 and required the Air Force to develop its aviation bonus program based on a business case analysis. The Air Force evaluates its rated inventory every year to ensure the AvB program is tailored to meet the service’s needs. This new expansion will increase the pool of air battle managers eligible for the bonus by 595.

Previously, the only eligible ABMs were those who had completed their initial undergraduate flying training service commitment or those who were retirement eligible.

Aviators whose contracts have expired or who have never signed a previous ABM Agreement may take advantage of the following bonus amounts and contract lengths:

  • Annual payments of $20,000 for contract lengths of five years, totaling $100,000.
  • Must have fewer than 19 years of total active federal military service at the time of signing a fiscal 2019 AvB Agreement.
  • No contracts may extend beyond 24 years of aviation service.

The application window for aviators interested in applying for the fiscal 2019 AvB program remains open until Aug. 30, 2019. For full eligibility requirements and complete details about program changes in FY19 visit the myPers website at


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