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DVIDS Videos

Video by Sarayuth Pinthong
The ghosts of Vietnam linger with the surviving spouse of former POW
502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Sept. 29, 2022 | 4:45
Karen Sweetland’s then-husband U.S. Navy Lt. Charles E. Southwick was shot down and captured on May 14, 1967, during a strike mission against the famous Than Hoa bridge in North Vietnam. The origins of the POW/MIA issue date back to the war itself. Suffering from a lack of accurate intelligence, the United States never had a solid knowledge of how many U.S. prisoners of war were being held by North Vietnam or their locations. The Nixon administration had made the return of POWs one of the central reasons for prolonging the war and bringing North Vietnam to the bargaining table. The lessons of the Vietnam conflict were vast, but perhaps its most enduring legacy is our ability to better care for our POWs, veterans and their families. This is her story. (U.S. Air Force video by Sarayuth Pinthong)

Track Title: Aperture
Composers: Mike Beever [APRA] 100%
Publishers: Atmosphere Music Ltd. [PRS] 100%
Album: Emotional Piano Score 2
Catalog Number: SDN053
Track Number: SDN053-9
Labels: Score Addiction
German label code: N/A
ISRC: AU-YWY-21-47601

Track Title: Aching Heart
Composers: Harold Wilfred Schenk [SAMRO] 100%
Publishers: Nuvotone One Publishing [BMI] 100%
Album: Dark Orchestrations
Catalog Number: Nuvs1038
Track Number: Nuvs1038-11
Labels: Nuvotone Stratos
German label code: LC 91611
ISRC: CH-D44-21-51816

Track Title: Heavy Heart
Composers: Marcus Lee [APRA] 50%, Peter Ian Jones [APRA] 50%
Publishers: Model Music [PRS] 100%
Album: Processing - Sparse Drama Underscore
Catalog Number: MODEL085
Track Number: MODEL085-5
Labels: Model Music
German label code: N/A
ISRC: GB-WC7-22-00888


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