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The Air Force Fitness Assessment Appeals process was established to provide an avenue for administrative relief to address injustices or errors derived from the administration or execution of the Air Force Fitness Program. There are three levels of appeal:

  • Wing-Level Appeal
  • Fitness Assessment Appeals Board
  • Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records

 Any active-duty, Guard or Reserve member of the Air Force may apply for appeals consideration.


The first avenue to contest a member's fitness assessment is a Wing Appeal. Members will notify their Unit Fitness Program Manager of potential errors and provide them a signed memorandum, to include all documents the chain of command requires internally. The UFPM will route it through the chain of command to the first level appeal authority (wing commander or equivalent). Please keep in mind that the appeal should be initiated as soon as the error or injustice is discovered.

Once the wing commander or equivalent has approved the member's memorandum, submit the approved package to the base FIM for update into the Airman's record.


If the wing commander or equivalent disapproves the member's wing appeal request, the next avenue will be the Fitness Assessment Appeals Board (FAAB). Applications reviewed by the FAAB must be filed within two years after the error or injustice was discovered. The two-year period does not include the time it takes the application to go through the wing appeals process. Submit the following mandatory documents to AFPC via the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page:

  • Disapproval memorandum from the member signed by the wing commander or equivalent (should include reason for disapproval)
  • Fitness screening questionnaire
  • The completed and signed fitness assessment score sheet

The Airman may submit optional supporting evidence to include any documents the applicant may deem appropriate to support the appeals request. Examples can be found in Air Force Instruction 10-203, Duty Limiting Conditions.

Note: In providing documentation, you consent to its use in making a determination. When the appeal is approved or disapproved, AFPC/DP2SSM Special Programs will inform the applicant via email.


If the FAAB disapproves or denies relief for the member, the final avenue will be the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records. All documents that were previously submitted for a wing appeal and FAAB need to be included in the package to the AFBCMR office. The member may submit additional supporting documents.

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