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  • Air Force announces captain selections

    The Air Force selected 3,569 first lieutenants for promotion from 3,594 officers considered during the calendar year 2007C captain selection process. The entire list of promotion selects is posted on the Air Force Personnel Center's public Web site. The results of the board are as follows: Selection statistics
  • New analysis tool boosts AF’s wartime mission

    The Air Force has developed a new tool for personnelists and functional area managers that provides a complete and accurate accounting of deployment assets. For the first time, FAMs at the Air Force headquarters and major command level can look at their Air Force Specialty Codes and make accurate projections of their
  • Certain officer, enlisted bonuses expired Dec. 31

    Certain bonus programs for Reserve and active duty officer and enlisted personnel expired Dec. 31 due to the president not signing the fiscal 2008 National Defense Authorization Act and returning it to Congress for changes. All reenlistments for eligible Airmen in Air Force Specialty Codes with a selective reenlistment
  • AFPC releases post-deployment respite guidance

    Eligible active-duty Airmen who deploy 12 or more months during a preceding 36-month period are entitled to administrative absence time off as of Jan. 19, 2007. All active-duty, Guard and Reserve Airmen are eligible for this time off. Separate guidance for National Guard and Reserve personnel will be issued by the National
  • AFPC retools personnel services delivery

    Immediate access and ease of use form the foundation of the Air Force Personnel Center's ongoing efforts here to refine its personnel products available for Air Force customers. In the wake of significant cutbacks to the personnel career field, the Center has leveraged technology to improve customer service via 24/7 access
  • AF selects 31 for test pilot training

    An Air Force board selected 31 officers to take part in the service's test pilot program that met at the Air Force Personnel Center here Oct. 28 to Nov. 2. The board selected pilots, navigators and flight test engineers for classes beginning July 2008 and January 2009. Most of those selected will attend the U.S. Air Force
  • vMPF adds officer voluntary separation process

    Self-service officer voluntary separation will be added to the Air Force Personnel Center's virtual Military Personnel Flight Web site Jan. 7. Web-based processes and 24/7 customer service support are the core of AFPC's commitment to personnel transformation, referred to as Personnel Services Delivery, providing the
  • AF sets new course in future support operations

    When it comes to people programs, community support and quality of life, there will soon be one organization on base that will handle it all - the force support squadron. The new organization is the result of an ongoing Air Force-wide merger of mission support and services squadrons and is expected to be completed in about
  • Civilian Personnel Services delivers service personally

    Civilian personnel services are transforming at Air Force Personnel Center to ensure speed of personnel actions and enhanced self-service capabilities. "Overall the transformation is designed to improve the efficiency of delivering personnel services," said Charles Huerta, Personnel Services Directorate deputy at AFPC. PSD
  • Air Force names 2007 Sijan award recipients

    The Air Force recognized four Airmen with the service's 2007 Lance P. Sijan Air Force Leadership Award. The Sijan award annually recognizes Airmen who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities. The 2007 winners are: Senior officer category - Lt. Col. Laura A. Soule, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Colonel Soule commanded

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